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 Chair massage for Office ?

                   Chair massage helps to relax hyper tonic muscles, its use has the advantages of classical massage. It helps, among others overcome the following problems:

– increased muscle tension,

– stiff nape, neck and shoulders,

– no energy,

– problems with concentration,

– breathing problems,

– headaches,

– problems with sleep and relaxation.

                 Massages at work are a win-win for employers and employees. A regularly scheduled massage therapy program makes an excellent addition to any employee benefit or wellness program. Massage sessions are typically 15 minutes in length and focus on the back, shoulders, neck and arms. The employee remains fully clothed and lotion is not necessary. Your employee will return to work feeling energized and at their best to meet the challenges ahead.


               We will work with you to design a custom program to fit the unique needs of your company. Whether you are a company having chair massage for your first time or looking for regularly scheduled chair massage – Try us!

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