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Viet Phan

Massage Therapist

My Treatment

               There are many kinds of massage therapists. We’ve all got different styles, techniques, office setups, and different personalities. It can be hard to just ‘pick a massage therapist’ off the internet. And it’s a waste to spend time and money on a massage, not knowing if that therapist is right for You.

              To help you figure out if I could be the right massage therapist for you, I’ve compiled a list of my wills and won’ts.

  • I will ask you how you are feeling, and what you need in a massage that day.

  • I will listen to your concerns and do my best to provide the treatment you request.

  • I will give you the full allotted time on the massage table. One hour is 60 minutes (Unless you’re late. That’s on you.)

  • I will use a high quality lotion or oil, but let me know if you are allergic to anything.

  • I will cover or drape you with a sheet so that only the part of the body being worked on is exposed at any given time.

  • I will adjust my pressure if I notice that you’re tensing up or flinching, and I’ll check in to be sure I’m not hurting you.

  • I will refer you to another practitioner if I think their techniques may help you more or faster than my massage skills.


  • I will not try to crack your neck or your back.

  • I will not clear your chakras or cleanse your aura.

  • I will not diagnose or put a name if you have a muscle tightness in your wrist.

  • I will not initiate unnecessary conversation.

  • I will not apply any scent without asking you.

  • I will not tell you that you have ‘knots’ and proceed to beat you up.

Feeling good about trying a massage with me? 

Inner Healing Touch

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