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              "The day before finding Viet I was in a lot of pain. I am very active and always have off and on mild muscle soreness but this day I could feel how enflamed my back muscles were to the point where I would say my pain was a an 8/9 and a 10 if I reached my left arm across my body. I visited my chiropractor in the morning then went to work. The pain was still so unbearable I knew I couldn’t go the rest of the weekend or even the day like this. I found Viets Information looking through Groupon and called him right away hoping to get an appointment I was pleased he had an opening since I called 2 other places before him. The massage was amazing, very calming/relaxing environment and I feel like Viet is very skilled on relieving pain, getting your muscles to relax and listening to what areas I wanted to focus on. After the massage I felt a lot of relief from my pain which I thought was going to be impossible and continued to get better. I would defiantly recommend him and will be going back."

                       Kerry Cabral

             "Very relaxing experience, and viet is very professional."

                       Jaylouis. JL

             "My boyfriend went to see Veit a couple months ago for lower back relief and couldn't stop telling me on how much Veit helped him. I recently hurt myself in the gym and was not able to move my neck and shoulder, after 4 days of being in unbearable pain and just taking Tylenol I went to see Veit and I am amazed on how much more mobility I have and my pain level went from a 9 to about 4. I highly recommend Veit and will be returning again today. He is amazing and his hands are truly medicine."

                      Jamie Normandia

               "I had my first massage with Viet last week, scheduling was easy and confirmed within a couple of hours. The spa room was clean and comfortable. Pressure applied during the massage was firm and he would check in throughout the massage to make sure I was comfortable and good with the pressure. I left feeling relaxed and loosened up, which continued for days. I will be booking with Viet again"

                      Mark S

                "I have been here 3 times and he is by far the best masseuse ever."

                      Tammy Lefebvre



               "A wonderful experience every session.

                A chance to escape for a period of time.
                Viet creates a very calming and relaxing experience throughout the session.
                Highly recommended."






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