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Chair massage

                       Massages at work are a win-win for employers and employees. A regularly scheduled massage therapy program makes an excellent addition to any employee benefit or wellness program. Massage sessions are typically 15 minutes in length and focus on the back, shoulders, neck and arms. The employee remains fully clothed and lotion is not necessary. Your employee will return to work feeling energized and at their best to meet the challenges ahead.

                  Just 10-15 minutes is enough

Chair massage usually takes 10 -15 minutes, so no more than a coffee or cigarette break. Massage involves muscle groups of the back, neck, shoulders and arms. The parties most likely to be overloaded when working at the computer.

It is performed at a comfortable, functional chair of specialist construction. The chair takes up very little space and there is no need to prepare a separate room for a massage.

                  One just has to sit down and relax

The Chair massage is performed on a fully clothed person, without the use of cosmetics. Massage has a preventive – healing effect, it prevents overloads and regenerates the muscles and ligaments. Applied systematically reduces the number of workers absence associated with back pain, degeneration of the spine.

Massage does not interfere with operation of the company and employees. Massage on a chair is a perfect health prevention.

                  Benefits for Employers

The chair massage is an excellent form of gratification of employees. Increasing confidence in management, and improving the company’s image in the market of employers.

Happy employee is a more efficient employee. Massage improves the atmosphere among employees.

                  Fatigue and stress burn employees

For the company, the employee who is stressed out, with numerous health problems, dissatisfied with the working conditions is less efficient and effective, such employee is committing more errors, s/he is bored and unwilling to work, using sick leave and ultimately the employee “burns out”.

                  Benefits for Employees

Chair massage eliminates fatigue, unpleasant tension and stress. Reduces the amount of sick leaves, which are submitted by employees by eliminating their health problems interfering with work.

Workers become more productive and mobilized to work. Concentration and efficiency increase. Headaches and stress are reduced.

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